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First, go to this link HERE and download CDMA Workshop, the demo version. This will be a .rar file. Google WinRar, and download it there if your computer does not know how to open a .rar file. Install WinRar and you will be able to open the file, as well as compact any files you wish in the future.

You will also need to download the USB drivers for the Samsung instinct if you haven’t already. Now my computer asked me if it wanted me to let it search the internet and find them. I said yes and it worked fine. If your computer does not ask that, you can get them here:

Now that you have done those two things you are ready to get your MSL. Run CDMA Workshop.

The Samsung instinct will need to be connected to the computer. Here’s the tricky part though, we can’t use a simple code to get into MDM mode anymore. For some people the way that works is to plug the phone in, then go to the Safely Remove Hardware and hit stop device. When they do this it will then show up in my computer as a modem. THIS DOES NOT WORK FOR EVERYBODY.

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Another easy method is to remove the memory card from the Samsung instinct, connect to computer and bam, it works. If the ‘connected to computer’ screen is showing, you are NOT in MDM mode. Go into your device manager(Go to control panel, then click hardware and sound, then click device manager). Once there, click on Ports, you should see SAMSUNG CDMA Modem. That’s what we want.

Along the name line at the very end it should have (WDM)(COM#) where the # is the port your Instinct is on. Mine is on port 5, so we will use that as the example. The trial version will only let you connect through COM7, if you have a different USB port on your computer, try it. My computer originally told me my Samsung instinct was on COM27 and I just about had a heart attack. I switched USB ports, and it worked fine.

You can also change it in Device Manager as well:
1. Open the Windows Device Manager.

XP: Click on the Start button and then on Control Panel. A window will open showing you all the available options control panel. # Double-click on the System control panel. A dialog (screen) entitled System Properties will appear. # The System Properties has several tabs. Click on the Hardware tab. # Click on the Device Manager button. A new window opens showing a list of all the available devices on your computer such as keyboard, disk drives, and so forth. # Double-click on Ports (COM & LPT). A list of all available serial and parallel port devices will appear.

Microsoft Vista
1.#Start menu # right click computer>properties # Click device manager on left tab
2. Right click on the COM port you want to change.
3. Left click on Properties.
4. Click on the Port Settings tab.
5. Click on the Advanced… button.
6. Use the drop down list to select the COM port number you want to use.
7. Click OK.
8. Click on OK again and close Device Manager.

Ok, now that we have that info, let’s go back to CDMA Workshop. On the main screen on the right, make sure the settings are as follows:

com settings (AT mode)
Baud rate (38400)

com settings (DM mode)
Baud rate (115200)

Now hit connect. If it worked it should show “Connected to com5”

This is where some people have problems. YOU LIED TO US!!! No, I didn’t. Relax. Your Samsung Instinct is actually on 2 ports at the same time. So in my case, 5 did not work. I had to use port #4. So If your computer said your phone was on port #5, try ports 3 and 6. One of them will work.

Once you get that connected message, hit the “read from phone” button. It will take a second and then all your phone’s information will come up in the left panel. When this happens, click on the ‘Security’ tab and change the settings in the right panel to:

Password(16 digits)
samsung (this is the default)

Once you’ve done that click send. If you did it right, there will be a pop-up that says something along the lines of, “password successful, phone unlocked.” Now look next to and the six digit number next to it, the one that flashed red. Is your MSL. Congratulations, you can now find hidden secrets on your phone.

I said it…You got it.

NOOOOOOW. If you want to change your MSL code you can. You CAN enter a new number and click the “write to phone” setting and replace your msl with a 6 digit code of your choice. Now you have no reason to NOT remember your MSL code.

*********NOTE******** I highly suggest you write down your ORIGINAL MSL code in case you call customer service. No, you won’t need it, but when they tell you in an offhand way to “punch this code into your phone” when fixing an issue that requires your MSL entered, you replace what they say with your homegrown code.


You have now completely hacked your Samsung instinct.

Well, this is relatively easy. And if you followed my other instructions, you should have very good browsing speed. get out your newly hacked Samsung instinct and:

*Install the drivers from your cd.
*Create a new dial up connection on your computer named “SprintPCS” (or anything else you want) .
*The telephone number to dial is “#777” .
*Leave the username and password blank.
*Plug in your phone and connect to your computer.
*Go to “Connect To” in the Windows Start Menu, or select the “SprintPCS” connection.


Sprint disabled the ##USB# option we had before. But we are sneaky, and figured out that you can either take the memory card out of the phone, which makes the computer not sense the phone as a storage unit, allowing you to PAM.

You may also slide the red button on the screen that says “disconnect”, allowing you to make calls when connected to the computer (Sprint just enabled this in a recent update).

{October 15, 2008}   Samsung Instinct Hack Part 3

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Samsung Instinct has so many possibilities, it is crazy. I hope that Sprint decides to take advantage of them and utilize it’s capabilities.
It’s time to hack your Samsung Instinct again. Here we go:

Go to your dialer and type in ##332846368#

Enter your MSL code.

Go to Toggle DDTM. Select this feature to be in the OFF position.

Go to Toggle NAI. Select this feature to be in the OFF position.

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You can also go to HDR/1X Selection and change it to EVDO only. Some have reported a success in forcing the phone to be forced into using the EVDO mode (faster than any other cell company out), instead of taking the CDMA mode (slower) if it is available.

I myself, have not changed it permanently, as I saw my speeds actually slowing down. That and I am in Salt Lake City, so we have great EVDO coverage here. I average 2Mbps to 5Mbps on my speed tests. That is insane fast!

So what you just did there was two things. The DDTM is for being able to receive calls and text messages while in Internet Browser or TV mode. Factory settings do not allow that. You may choose to dismiss the call or text, or take it. After you hang up, the Internet browser or TV will resume playing.

The NAI is for the PAM (phone as modem) setting. That is one of the coolest and best tricks for someone with a cell phone and a serious need for an internet connection. You just activated your Samsung instinct as a modem setting. Now, how do you configure your hacked Samsung Instinct to work?

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{October 15, 2008}   Samsung Instinct Hack Part 1

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This lens is going to explain why and show you how to hack your Samsung Instinct and be able to:

*Get your personal MASTER SUBSIDY LOCK (MSL CODE) for your Samsung instinct (and any other type of CDMA phone). All MSL codes are different for every Sprint phone. You must have this code to access the locked functions on your Samsung Instinct.

*Increase web browser buffer speed. Yes it increases your internet browsing quite a bit. Works on all Samsung phones with a Multimedia buffer.

*Decrease virtually all skipping/ghosting for the streaming TV. That’s right, after this trick your TV will be smooth and silky.

*Learn how to get messages and calls while you are browsing the internet or watching TV. The Samsung instinct comes with this feature turned off. Calls go to VM when you do not unlock this feature. VERY USEFUL TO DEACTIVATE on your hacked Samsung Instinct.

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*Oh I love this one, it is my favorite for so many reasons. Who has seen that geeky guy at Starbucks or the park, surfing the internet without WiFi in the area, or has a phone connected to his laptop? Well I’m going to show you how to PAM (Phone as Modem) your Samsung Instinct. That means I can connect to the internet on my PC or laptop anywhere I get a data signal. That’s right. I even went 3 months without my cable internet service and just used my Samsung Instinct. Not quite as fast as my cable, but it was faster than some of my friends broadband home service.

I’m excited about PAM, can’t you tell? Why spend money on a EVDO card or a card that gets internet access (you pay for the service like other types of broadband such as cable or DSL), when you can just hack your Samsung Instinct? Why not be able to check your email, surf your laptop, or handle other important business without EVER NEEDING AN ACCESS POINT FOR THE WEB?

You are walking around with a modem in your pocket. Your Samsung instinct has PAM (phone as modem) capability. Most phones now do, though the owners do not know it and the companies do not want you to do it (without paying a fee). The cool thing is that it is so easy to hack your Samsung Instinct, and quick as well.

I will show you how to turn the feature of your Samsung Instinct on. You will connect your Samsung instinct to your laptop or computer and I will show you how to quickly program the network to use the Instinct’s web service to access the internet on your computer when another broadband (your regular connection) network is not connected.

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{October 15, 2008}   Samsung Instinct Hack Part 2

First off, you will get the MSL for your Samsung instinct, allowing you to access all of the locked menu and functions in the Instinct. Next, you will change some setting to help your streaming TV and internet browsing speeds. None of these tips are illegal in any way.

Call Sprint Customer Service by dialing *2 on your cell. Tell the tech support it is internet related. When you get the internet support on the line tell them your browser froze and you did a reset and it is asking you for a code. The code they give you is not you security pin, but the actual individual master subsidy lock for your Samsung instinct. DO NOT TELL THEM YOU NEED THE “Master Subsidy Lock”. You can tell them you did ##RTN# and you need a code to finish the reset. FYI “##RTN#” does a reset of your Samsung Instinct.

That is your MSL code, write it down and memorize it. You will need that code for changing the functions on the Samsung Instinct. I will post another module further down on another method of getting the MSL code yourself, without asking Sprint. It is quite easy if you use a program I have.

Keep in mind that you MUST NOT deviate from what I tell you in these instructions. If you select other menu’s or change other things, you can and most likely will turn your Samsung Instinct into a $500.00 paper weight. So heed my words.

It is now time to hack your Samsung Instinct! Here we go:

Go to Dialer and press ##3282#

Go to Multimedia>Edit

“Enter Current Code” is displayed. Type in your MSL code.

Go to Multimedia>Edit>MMG>IP and replace all of the digits with zero. It will look like this Press ok.

Go to Multimedia>Edit>MMG>Port and replace all of the digits with zero. It will look like this 0000. Press ok.

If you ever want to change those back for any reason, or to test the change in streaming TV speed, the original settings are:


MMG: PORT 0554

Go to Multimedia>Edit>Buffer Length. Change from 7 to 20. Press enter and done. Your Samsung Instinct will now reset.

You have just bypassed the server that the TV is streamed through, making it faster and reducing nearly all ghosting or skipping. You have also increased the buffer for your internet, allowing more than double the browsing speed as before.

Congratulations, you have now successfully hacked your Samsung Instinct.

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{October 1, 2008}   Samsung Instinct Review Part 1


invisibleSHIELD for Samsung Instinct

The Samsung Instinct. A fine piece of electronic mischief, in a lightweight, slim exterior. What is there not to like about it? I’m sure you have wondered to yourself…how do I hack my Samsung Instinct and get more features? Let’s talk about the features it has.

IT HAS GPS, and not the cheap kind. I’m talking turn by turn, second by second, yard by yard, directions to whatever destination you request. Missed an exit? No problem, Instinct will tell you to turn around and give you a detour.

Do you need to find a gas station on the way? Ask your Samsung Instinct to find you the nearest station to your exact location, even while driving. Want the price at the pump since you are asking how to get there? No problem. Prices are updated in real time. In fact, I can ask it to find me just about anything, and get results. You can load the address from the results and get an instant GPS direction. Voice GPS….SO Sexy!

Unlimited Movie and Music downloads!

Badass Phone Download Center!

Live Search is through MSN. It does a live search in real time and displays the results to you within seconds. It is also linked to the GPS program, allowing you to ask for a business or address, or a type of business, and get address and telephone number. Directions from your current location? Check. You can ask any question you would ask a search engine online.

Which brings me to my next point. TV. Television. It is not only smooth, it is streaming fast and is on demand or live. News and Weather. Got it for free. Movie times, free. Sports? NFL for free, tons of games. TV? I have Comedy Central, CNN, Spike, ABC, and at least 50 others. Some are pay channels, the majority are not. Movies streamed to your phone…yup. Movies can be watched streaming or on the SD card that is the memory device. Beavis and Butthead….check.

So now I’m sure you are thinking….but how do I hack my Samsung Instinct? Read on.

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