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{October 1, 2008}   Samsung Instinct Review Part 1


invisibleSHIELD for Samsung Instinct

The Samsung Instinct. A fine piece of electronic mischief, in a lightweight, slim exterior. What is there not to like about it? I’m sure you have wondered to yourself…how do I hack my Samsung Instinct and get more features? Let’s talk about the features it has.

IT HAS GPS, and not the cheap kind. I’m talking turn by turn, second by second, yard by yard, directions to whatever destination you request. Missed an exit? No problem, Instinct will tell you to turn around and give you a detour.

Do you need to find a gas station on the way? Ask your Samsung Instinct to find you the nearest station to your exact location, even while driving. Want the price at the pump since you are asking how to get there? No problem. Prices are updated in real time. In fact, I can ask it to find me just about anything, and get results. You can load the address from the results and get an instant GPS direction. Voice GPS….SO Sexy!

Unlimited Movie and Music downloads!

Badass Phone Download Center!

Live Search is through MSN. It does a live search in real time and displays the results to you within seconds. It is also linked to the GPS program, allowing you to ask for a business or address, or a type of business, and get address and telephone number. Directions from your current location? Check. You can ask any question you would ask a search engine online.

Which brings me to my next point. TV. Television. It is not only smooth, it is streaming fast and is on demand or live. News and Weather. Got it for free. Movie times, free. Sports? NFL for free, tons of games. TV? I have Comedy Central, CNN, Spike, ABC, and at least 50 others. Some are pay channels, the majority are not. Movies streamed to your phone…yup. Movies can be watched streaming or on the SD card that is the memory device. Beavis and Butthead….check.

So now I’m sure you are thinking….but how do I hack my Samsung Instinct? Read on.

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