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{October 15, 2008}   Samsung Instinct Hack Part 1

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This lens is going to explain why and show you how to hack your Samsung Instinct and be able to:

*Get your personal MASTER SUBSIDY LOCK (MSL CODE) for your Samsung instinct (and any other type of CDMA phone). All MSL codes are different for every Sprint phone. You must have this code to access the locked functions on your Samsung Instinct.

*Increase web browser buffer speed. Yes it increases your internet browsing quite a bit. Works on all Samsung phones with a Multimedia buffer.

*Decrease virtually all skipping/ghosting for the streaming TV. That’s right, after this trick your TV will be smooth and silky.

*Learn how to get messages and calls while you are browsing the internet or watching TV. The Samsung instinct comes with this feature turned off. Calls go to VM when you do not unlock this feature. VERY USEFUL TO DEACTIVATE on your hacked Samsung Instinct.

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*Oh I love this one, it is my favorite for so many reasons. Who has seen that geeky guy at Starbucks or the park, surfing the internet without WiFi in the area, or has a phone connected to his laptop? Well I’m going to show you how to PAM (Phone as Modem) your Samsung Instinct. That means I can connect to the internet on my PC or laptop anywhere I get a data signal. That’s right. I even went 3 months without my cable internet service and just used my Samsung Instinct. Not quite as fast as my cable, but it was faster than some of my friends broadband home service.

I’m excited about PAM, can’t you tell? Why spend money on a EVDO card or a card that gets internet access (you pay for the service like other types of broadband such as cable or DSL), when you can just hack your Samsung Instinct? Why not be able to check your email, surf your laptop, or handle other important business without EVER NEEDING AN ACCESS POINT FOR THE WEB?

You are walking around with a modem in your pocket. Your Samsung instinct has PAM (phone as modem) capability. Most phones now do, though the owners do not know it and the companies do not want you to do it (without paying a fee). The cool thing is that it is so easy to hack your Samsung Instinct, and quick as well.

I will show you how to turn the feature of your Samsung Instinct on. You will connect your Samsung instinct to your laptop or computer and I will show you how to quickly program the network to use the Instinct’s web service to access the internet on your computer when another broadband (your regular connection) network is not connected.

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wayne says:

It seem’s sprint has figured out your trick and now when you call and say your browser froze they make you go to the sprint store and have them unlock your phone.

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