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{October 15, 2008}   Samsung Instinct Hack Part 3

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Samsung Instinct has so many possibilities, it is crazy. I hope that Sprint decides to take advantage of them and utilize it’s capabilities.
It’s time to hack your Samsung Instinct again. Here we go:

Go to your dialer and type in ##332846368#

Enter your MSL code.

Go to Toggle DDTM. Select this feature to be in the OFF position.

Go to Toggle NAI. Select this feature to be in the OFF position.

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You can also go to HDR/1X Selection and change it to EVDO only. Some have reported a success in forcing the phone to be forced into using the EVDO mode (faster than any other cell company out), instead of taking the CDMA mode (slower) if it is available.

I myself, have not changed it permanently, as I saw my speeds actually slowing down. That and I am in Salt Lake City, so we have great EVDO coverage here. I average 2Mbps to 5Mbps on my speed tests. That is insane fast!

So what you just did there was two things. The DDTM is for being able to receive calls and text messages while in Internet Browser or TV mode. Factory settings do not allow that. You may choose to dismiss the call or text, or take it. After you hang up, the Internet browser or TV will resume playing.

The NAI is for the PAM (phone as modem) setting. That is one of the coolest and best tricks for someone with a cell phone and a serious need for an internet connection. You just activated your Samsung instinct as a modem setting. Now, how do you configure your hacked Samsung Instinct to work?

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J-Ro says:

When are you going to post on the other method of getting the MSL code, without asking Sprint.
Great Blog BTW

Really good site and great comments. I am impressed with your knowledge of tech hacking. I wonder do you know about getting data off the instinct. I have a massive amount of voicemails and text messages from my former girlfriend and I sense we will be going to court over our son, Ashton. I imagine that I will provide our judge with a CD or DVD with a massive amount of evidence including videos of her smashing my library doors, mean spiteful voicemails and a slew of evil text messages. So, can you help me and other readers of your blog?

jose says:

you got really good ways how to hack on the this phone…
but do u know of a way how to unlock the internet so i can get picture messaging and be able to get on the internet if i get this phone connected to another cell phone carrier…
for an example like ‘cricket’???

drdreadies says:

Unfortunately you cannot at this time 😦

anthony says:

im trying to use PAM on my instinct s30 but i cant get it to work.any ideas on wat i need to do.

drdreadies says:

Not sure, perhaps we should find out…

scentkid says:

how do i locate the msl code if i already initiated the modem

sam says:

dude can u help me out? i can’t get this to work i mean i entered the code in in the dialer but nothing happens
plz help me and i would appreciate it if u answered me right away

cole says:

So after dialing ##332846368# and trying to enter my MSL it keeps telling me it’s invalid. It worked fine for the other dial code but it doesn’t for this one. Did I miss something?

Thanx alot for your assistance I still would like to use the camera and the 2G memory card on the phone.
I am in Jamaica using the phone only so its like using superman to pick flowers

InSaNeO says:

I live in NJ and i have the instinct s30. I changed From Hybrid Mode to EVDO only and it slowed my phone down so much that it was crazy. I switched it back and then did a speed test and now im back to about 4mbps. Most everything else i do that is explained here works. Looking forward to more

steve says:


Thanks so much for the awesome info! I have had my instinct for a couple of years now and have fallen in love with my phone again. Since using all the hacks listed here, I notice one problem. I don’t seem to be getting text messages anymore. Should I change something back?

Stan says:

After searching for hours finally found someone who could take me through the final steps to set my Instinct s30 for PAM. I had no trouble with my 800 but had the toggle NAI issue with the s30. I tried with just the DDTM off and did not work. Also set the HDR/1X Selection and changed it to EVDO which enabled the phone to work as a modem. Very happy now, I hope many others can find these directions. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

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