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{May 12, 2009}   Samsung Instinct Hack Part 4

First, go to this link HERE and download CDMA Workshop, the demo version. This will be a .rar file. Google WinRar, and download it there if your computer does not know how to open a .rar file. Install WinRar and you will be able to open the file, as well as compact any files you wish in the future.

You will also need to download the USB drivers for the Samsung instinct if you haven’t already. Now my computer asked me if it wanted me to let it search the internet and find them. I said yes and it worked fine. If your computer does not ask that, you can get them here:

Now that you have done those two things you are ready to get your MSL. Run CDMA Workshop.

The Samsung instinct will need to be connected to the computer. Here’s the tricky part though, we can’t use a simple code to get into MDM mode anymore. For some people the way that works is to plug the phone in, then go to the Safely Remove Hardware and hit stop device. When they do this it will then show up in my computer as a modem. THIS DOES NOT WORK FOR EVERYBODY.

USB Data Cable For Samsung m300, m305, m510, m520, Instinct m800


Another easy method is to remove the memory card from the Samsung instinct, connect to computer and bam, it works. If the ‘connected to computer’ screen is showing, you are NOT in MDM mode. Go into your device manager(Go to control panel, then click hardware and sound, then click device manager). Once there, click on Ports, you should see SAMSUNG CDMA Modem. That’s what we want.

Along the name line at the very end it should have (WDM)(COM#) where the # is the port your Instinct is on. Mine is on port 5, so we will use that as the example. The trial version will only let you connect through COM7, if you have a different USB port on your computer, try it. My computer originally told me my Samsung instinct was on COM27 and I just about had a heart attack. I switched USB ports, and it worked fine.

You can also change it in Device Manager as well:
1. Open the Windows Device Manager.

XP: Click on the Start button and then on Control Panel. A window will open showing you all the available options control panel. # Double-click on the System control panel. A dialog (screen) entitled System Properties will appear. # The System Properties has several tabs. Click on the Hardware tab. # Click on the Device Manager button. A new window opens showing a list of all the available devices on your computer such as keyboard, disk drives, and so forth. # Double-click on Ports (COM & LPT). A list of all available serial and parallel port devices will appear.

Microsoft Vista
1.#Start menu # right click computer>properties # Click device manager on left tab
2. Right click on the COM port you want to change.
3. Left click on Properties.
4. Click on the Port Settings tab.
5. Click on the Advanced… button.
6. Use the drop down list to select the COM port number you want to use.
7. Click OK.
8. Click on OK again and close Device Manager.

Ok, now that we have that info, let’s go back to CDMA Workshop. On the main screen on the right, make sure the settings are as follows:

com settings (AT mode)
Baud rate (38400)

com settings (DM mode)
Baud rate (115200)

Now hit connect. If it worked it should show “Connected to com5”

This is where some people have problems. YOU LIED TO US!!! No, I didn’t. Relax. Your Samsung Instinct is actually on 2 ports at the same time. So in my case, 5 did not work. I had to use port #4. So If your computer said your phone was on port #5, try ports 3 and 6. One of them will work.

Once you get that connected message, hit the “read from phone” button. It will take a second and then all your phone’s information will come up in the left panel. When this happens, click on the ‘Security’ tab and change the settings in the right panel to:

Password(16 digits)
samsung (this is the default)

Once you’ve done that click send. If you did it right, there will be a pop-up that says something along the lines of, “password successful, phone unlocked.” Now look next to and the six digit number next to it, the one that flashed red. Is your MSL. Congratulations, you can now find hidden secrets on your phone.

I said it…You got it.

NOOOOOOW. If you want to change your MSL code you can. You CAN enter a new number and click the “write to phone” setting and replace your msl with a 6 digit code of your choice. Now you have no reason to NOT remember your MSL code.

*********NOTE******** I highly suggest you write down your ORIGINAL MSL code in case you call customer service. No, you won’t need it, but when they tell you in an offhand way to “punch this code into your phone” when fixing an issue that requires your MSL entered, you replace what they say with your homegrown code.


You have now completely hacked your Samsung instinct.


jose says:

hey i got lost wen you said to look for the settings and clickin on the ‘connect’ button…
can u help me out???

drdreadies says:

What do you need?

Atmosink says:

dose this work on Samsung Instinct® s30

Jafu says:

Thanks for all the good hacks. Its a shame how Sprint puts out a phone but Does not want you to have its full capabilities. Everything on here made my phone a whole lot better. Especially the tv. WOW

ned says:

what do i do when im reading from the phone and it says failed… phone does not reply

drdreadies says:

try to take out the battery on your phone and reset it. That usually fixes that issue when it occurs!

Ray says:

I can get into the dialer ##3282#.
Then I go to multimedia>Edit>MMG>IP. is at the top. When I enter (0’s) nothing happens, if I leave and go back in the number doesn’t change.

Also its the same with the buffer length.
Mutimedia>edit>Buffer Length stays at 7 and it will not let me change it to 20.
Can you please help me with this. There must be some kind of workaround?


Paul says:

you need to use your arrow button to erase the numbers.

Allysia says:

I did everything exactly as you said and everything worked perfectly as you said up until the last part. When I hit “read”, in the bottom of the task pane a message came up saying “Failed…phone did not answer”. Please, Please, Please help me. I want to make my instinct like others. Please help me sir.

Allysia says:

p.s. can you notify me by email if you figure out the problem?

airlynx says:

Haha! thanks a ton for your hacks! I’d been using my instinct for a while now as a modem thanks to this page (I even disconnected my regular internet connection to save on bills) and recently I broke my phone and had them send me a refurbished phone. Within 10 minutes of opening up the box I was back online. Again, thank you.

itzlino says:

i did all the steps and got connected, but i couldnt get it to read my phone. it says phone does not answer. what am i doing wrong?? please help

I wish it would be applicable to Jamaicans as I am in need of Prl settings for my Samsung Instinct phone to work here

F8H8R says:

These tips are genius; I’ve made my phone roll-over and beg because of them. I’m connected thru Blue Tooth (instructional you-tube vid) and have forced to receive EVDO only. Not only were they easy to follow but opened up more opportunities begging to be explored. Thanks for the tip info.

mark says:

i keep getting the message did not answer

i tried taking the battery out but that didn’t fix it, what can i do

drdreadies says:

try using a different usb port on your computer – or go to the hardware setting and see which USB port it says you are connecting the data cable to…

JaZzie says:

hi, i was wondering if theres a way to change the theme on the Instinct. Ive unlocked an iPod to do that +more but i was wondering if the same thing can be done to an Instinct?

i love the detailed instructions.

drdreadies says:

Unfortunately, you cannot. They promised more features than it has. It is a great phone, but cannot view .gif, or change theme. Oh, well…you always have a HTC Hero.

Tony says:

Thanks for the post … has anyone managed to find windows 7 drivers for the instinct s30? I have tried pretty much everything but it would find/install the CDMA drivers that are available (hence I wont even get to use the CDMA workshop ..:-() …Any help would be greatly appreciated …

paul says:

i downloaded cdma and it says i needed a registered version? any help here

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