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{May 12, 2009}   Samsung Instinct Hack Part 5

Well, this is relatively easy. And if you followed my other instructions, you should have very good browsing speed. get out your newly hacked Samsung instinct and:

*Install the drivers from your cd.
*Create a new dial up connection on your computer named “SprintPCS” (or anything else you want) .
*The telephone number to dial is “#777” .
*Leave the username and password blank.
*Plug in your phone and connect to your computer.
*Go to “Connect To” in the Windows Start Menu, or select the “SprintPCS” connection.


Sprint disabled the ##USB# option we had before. But we are sneaky, and figured out that you can either take the memory card out of the phone, which makes the computer not sense the phone as a storage unit, allowing you to PAM.

You may also slide the red button on the screen that says “disconnect”, allowing you to make calls when connected to the computer (Sprint just enabled this in a recent update).


dan says:

i still cannot connect its asking me for the user name and password can u help me out?

drdreadies says:

On which part?

Mike says:

Can I tether my Instinct without a USB cable through a Bluetooth connection to my laptop? It’s works great with the USB cable and your wonderful instructions…

drdreadies says:

I know some that have been successful doing it. Have you had any luck?

Danny says:

i’ve done everything. turned off the NAI. but it still won’t connect to #777. any other suggestions?

Danny says:

nevermind. i found a way to do it. btw. does this count as minutes on my plan?

drdreadies says:

Nope, it doesn’t use any minutes. Sprint will not admit that this phone has the capability to do this, so they cannot turn around and charge you for it…because the phone “can’t PAM”…

Valerieca714 says:

When I try to connect to “#777” I get a msg that says “Error 680: There was no dial tone.” What can I do about this?

Ranoldo says:

hey danny how did you get yours to work? Im using the instinct s30, everything else worked but i just cant connect.

Stubbz says:

What does hacking your phone really do. please give a list of capabilities a hacked phone can do. Please and thanks

bimmerboi30038 says:

to use bluetooth with pam you will need to get a bluetooth usb adapter.sold at walmart.and try it again.its about 20 bucks..

Celeratas says:

Everything worked great. Great instructions.

Matt says:

Awesome hack. So does Sprint know when you do this? What exactly is the #777 number we are dialing into? We could leave this on 24/7 and not be charged for it at all? Thanks.

chris says:

mine says no dial tone why!

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