Samsung Instinct Hacks | Hack Samsung Instinct

Well, this is relatively easy. And if you followed my other instructions, you should have very good browsing speed. get out your newly hacked Samsung instinct and:

*Install the drivers from your cd.
*Create a new dial up connection on your computer named “SprintPCS” (or anything else you want) .
*The telephone number to dial is “#777” .
*Leave the username and password blank.
*Plug in your phone and connect to your computer.
*Go to “Connect To” in the Windows Start Menu, or select the “SprintPCS” connection.


Sprint disabled the ##USB# option we had before. But we are sneaky, and figured out that you can either take the memory card out of the phone, which makes the computer not sense the phone as a storage unit, allowing you to PAM.

You may also slide the red button on the screen that says “disconnect”, allowing you to make calls when connected to the computer (Sprint just enabled this in a recent update).


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